Beginners Thursday Night Dancing Programme

Posted in Beginners Classes, Latin and Ballroom Dancing On December 27, 2015

Beginners Group Classes at the Capital Dance School

Thursday evening from 7pm to 8pm is our beginners group class.  The classes are taught in blocks of four weeks and focus on four dances.  There are also some one off workshops. Below are the dates and the dances that will be taught.  If you need more information please Contact Us.

The cost for the four week course is £60, if you sign up for both courses in advance the cost is £100 for the eight weeks.  Please note that until further notice group classes will not be taking place.

Four week course Part 1
Week 1 – Waltz
Week 2 – Waltz and Cha Cha
Week 3 – Cha Cha and Foxtrot
Week 4 – Foxtrot and Rumba

Four week course Part 2
Week 1 – Tango
Week 2 – Tango and Samba
Week 3 – Samba and Quickstep
Week 4 – Quickstep and Jive